Episode 8

Joshua Howell is a writer out of Nebraska, with a passion for thrilling story telling. He has one published two novels under his belt, as well as some poetry. Having been a comic collector since he was young, Joshua loves a lot of the tent pole titles at many of the major publishers, but also enjoys the indie titles that focus on original plot and characters. Having served in the military, and spent many years abroad, Joshua has used the world as his muse and delights in sharing it with his readers.

We talk about his comic, upcoming projects and some great (like really good) advice for folks wanting to get into comics or just writing in general.

Help make him internet famous:

His Website: http://www.JoshuaDHowell.com

The Fierce are Fading (facebook): https://www.facebook.com/TheFierceAreFading

Twitter: https://twitter.com/averyaces916 

His Podcast (he was just added as the fourth host) Daydream Instruction Manual : https://www.facebook.com/daydreaminstructionmanual



Episode 7

This month we’re talking to Jonathan Sim of Floating Bunny Head! He has a Kickstarter out there and I super highly recommend backing it right now! Go there, right now!

and shownotes!

West World, the movie that FBH #1 is loosely based on:

A photo posted by Jonathan Sims (@fbhcomic) on

A photo posted by Jonathan Sims (@fbhcomic) on

Some Lisa Frank action:


No Rules Folders and Notebooks… looked something like this:

For those out of staters RAGBRAI is the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. It’s a pretty big event for bicyclist inside and outside of Iowa as far as I know.

And the Iowa Craft Beer Tent is exactly what it sounds like.

At this point I would just be copy pasting Jonathan’s Instagram, so you might as well just go over there and check out his other internet hangouts:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fbhcomic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FloatingBunnyHead

Website: Skelenaut.com

And DON’T FORGET TO BACK HIS KICKSTARTER: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skelenaut/snack-attack-a-cartoon-food-art-book



Episode 6

I got to have a short talk with Leigh Jeffery from ComixCentral about their indiegogo campaign going on right now for the next week and a half. Go right now and check it out! In case you don’t understand why and you’re not listening to the podcast right now… why not?… here is why:

Get everything you need in one place to promote your own work, read and share the work of other artists and turn your hobby into a real live business.

Sell your art and your comics, host and promote your WebComics, and finally be able to make money in an industry dominated by “the big guys”.

This one of a kind community and marketplace is first at providing hobbyists and up-and-coming Comic stars a place to distribute and promote their work without having to compete with the large corporate brands.

At ComixCentral™ creators are given everything they need for success and fans get access to fresh, unique and uncensored content in all Comic Book formats; web comics, print-on-demand issues, direct from seller and digital.

Website – comixcentral.com/

Facebook – facebook.com/comixcentral/

Twitter – twitter.com/ComixCentral

IndieGoGo – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/comixcentral-comics/x/14703355#/

So yeah, Also I’m introducing a new type of interview. The Raging Fan. This is basically someone who is one of the biggest comic book fans I can find. I don’t expect to have a lot of these, but  when I meet them I’ll interview em if they have some good things to say about comics.

I had a great chat with raging fan, Derek Becker. He hosts podcast Comic Pros & Cons (his latest episode is actually an interview with Leigh Jeffery, so if you need to know about her and ComixCentral here you go) and owns over 400 pieces of original comic art and commissions. This guy loves comics and has some great advice on comics to read and getting commissions from artists you find at cons.

Help make Derek internet-famous:

Website – comicprosandcons.com

Facebook – facebook.com/ComicProsAndCons/

Twitter – twitter.com/comicproscons

Instagram – instagram.com/comicprosandcons/

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/comic-pros-&-cons


Derek’s proposal commission:

I gave my girlfriend a commission today. I now have a fiancé! #C2E2 #doingitright Artwork by @katiecandraw

A photo posted by Derek Becker (@comicprosandcons) on

Jack KotzSiamese (written by Lucas Munson) – That’s Not a Pizza (A 24 hour comic).

Starting off day two with a Lobster Johnson for Dexter!

A photo posted by Jack Kotz (@jkotz) on

Ryan BrowneBlast Furnace

Blast Furnace

Motor City Comic Con – Derek Becker’s first con

MSP ComiCon aka Spring Con – Mentioned by Dexter – My first booth at a con

Tart – by Kevin Joseph and Ludovic Salle

Hero Initiative



Episode 5

A little bit longer of a chat than the previous ones, but well worth it. Russell is a man with a lot going on. And in this episode we talk about a number of things but basically his comic books (just three of many other types of books) and his publishing and consulting businesses.

Vote on his book for Kindle Scout: Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs

Twitter: @russellnohelty or @wannabepress
Instagram: russellnohelty or wannabepress


Wannabe Press: wannabepress.com
Consulting: russellnohelty.com
Podcast: thebusinessofart.us
Kickstarter University: kickstarteruniversity.com



Episode 4

This episode was drawn, lettered, and inked by Austin Allen Hamblin.

Written by Austin Allen Hamblin.

Directed by Dexter Jacobs.


Had a good chat with Austin. Talked about his books, internship at Devil’s Due / 1First Production, and some small con experiences, as well as his dad not wearing pants.

You can locate all that is Hamblin Comics at the following:

Website: hamblincomics.com

Twitter: @austinahamblin

Facebook: facebook.com/hamblincomics

Read his comics online: DriveThruComics.com

Episode 3

An early morning talk on the second day of MSP Comicon (aka Spring Con) with Thom (see episode 2) and Matty (of Star Wars… Kinda). You can tell we’re all pretty tired, and that I had been talking way too much the day before. Here is Thom’s video recording of the same chat.

All in all, it was a good con, I got so share a booth with 515 Comics and got to talk to a lot more creators.

Hands down if you’re able I totally recommend making it out to MSP Comicon especially if you’re a creator, they know how to treat you right.

A big thanks to the MCBA Comicon guys up there who put it on, nothing but class!

MCBA Comicons (Springcon / MSP Comicon / Fall Comicon)

515 Comics

Star Wars… Kinda

Episode 2

Thom Hotka, writer and Illustrator of Nextuus: The Search for the Ocean Shard.

This is the poster I have for the comic discussed in in the interview.

Nextuus is a Sci-fi adventure that includes swords, fighting, torture, revenge, a giant robot looking guy, aliens, chases, escapes, true love probably,  hidden treasure… Seriously a great read, and why not give it a shot, it’s free to read online… here start with the first page. As of this recording it is 28 chapters consisting of 859 pages. Start now and you can catch up by the time he hits 1,000 and then you can say you were there when Nextuus hit 1,000 pages. ‘Cause that would be cool.

Thom’s other website with links to Nextuus and his swag shop as well as some older recordings and such produced by Thom and a few others.

He runs 515comics.com, where you can also find the 515Comics Swag Shop where you can buy the print comics and 515Comics t-shirts and here he is on Facebook and YouTube.

In this episode Thom and I talk about is early web comic days of Nextuus and how he’s transitioned it into print and sets up for comicons. He shares some good concepts around these transitions regarding learning from other creators at cons and building on what he’s done and learned in the past.

He talks about publishing through Create Space and Ingram Spark and the pros and cons of each and how his process has changed after he decided to print from his digital panels.

Thom and I along with Matty (of Star Wars… Kinda) will be at MSP Comicon May 14th & 15th, come see us!





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